Environmental Policy


It is our policy to minimise our impact on the environment wherever possible by ensuring that environment issues and awareness is at the forefront of very decision we make.

  • We actively encourage the use of recycling and re-use of our boxes, Wardrobe Boxes and scrunch paper. We offer free reusable boxes to all our customers together with a free collection service.
  • When planning our routes we aim to maximise efficiency and therefore minimise the impact on the environment.
  • Where we are required to dispose of goods we chose to only use waste transfer stations that recycle
  • All our drivers inspect their vehicles daily before driving them to ensure they are operating efficiently. Any issues found are reported into the office in order for us to take action. We believe that these morning checks allow us to take preventative maintenance and helps minimise our environmental impact.
  • When purchasing a new vehicle, one key importance is the impact it will have on the environment.
  • We ensure that our vehicles are designed and maintained to give maximum fuel efficiency and minimum emissions.
  • We order our materials in bulk in order to reduce the amount of deliveries needed. This also helps our suppliers reduce their own impact on the environment.
  • We encourage our employees to work with us to prevent pollution and minimise the impact on the environment
  • We recycle as much office waste as possible
  • We turn off as much electrical items as possible in the office overnight to minimise our electricity consumption.

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