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Additional Services

Additional Services

Dismantling and re-assembling

You may require your larger items of furniture such as beds, cots and wardrobes to be dismantled before being re-assembled at your new home. This service can be provided for an additional fee, which can be discussed at the point of quotation.  We can offer a disconnection and re-connection of your washing machine and dishwasher too!  Any other items that you may have difficulty with can be accommodated.

James Tony back of vehicle dismantling

Removal of Special Items such as Motorbikes, Hot tubs, Pizza oven, Hospital Equipment and Pool Tables.

We specialise in removals of a range of special items; over the years in the industry, we have become experienced in removals of Motorbikes, Hospital Beds and Pool Tables. We also work with experienced personnel and equipment. We can assist in the removal of Hot Tubs, Pizza Ovens, and Summerhouses. Our experienced team can create unique removal plans to suit any unique items.

pool table dismantle

Disposal and House Clearance service we can offer.

We offer disposal of items; we understand moving house is a great opportunity to have a declutter and find home for all those unwanted items. We can assist in disposal of items not fit for use or we can help distribute them into the community. We can be of assistance if you also require a house clearance. Our friendly team can arrange to visit your property to arrange a no-obligation quotation for a house clearance service.

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Garden Plants and Items such as large plants and summerhouses.

After all a garden is an extension of your home! We will gladly assist with removing plants and large garden items to their new home. Our team understand plants can be just as valuable as furniture. They are handled with the same care as any other item we would move.

Plants and pots

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