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Make moving fun..

Make moving fun..

Moving house? Do you have children to keep entertained?

These are our 3 top tips on how to make it a fun for the children!

  1. Decorate boxes – Give your children some boxes labeled with what needs to go in them and a pack of crayons, ask them to decorate the boxes so they stand out to go in there new room!


  1. Hidden prizes – Keep the children excited by hiding hidden prizes around the house in draws, wardrobes and boxes. This will help encourage them to keep going through out the day and get some packing done!


  1. New room – The thought of moving house can be very scary for a child, make it fun! Take pictures and show your child what there new house and room looks like. Let them be involved, ask them to draw pictures of there new house and what they would like there new room to look like.


Well there it is, our 3 top tips for moving with children


Do you have any top tips to share?



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