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House hunting..

House hunting..

House hunting can be such a fun experience but it can also be daunting, let us share some of our top tips in finding the perfect home.

Here are our top tips for finding the perfect home:

  • Have an image.

Write down everything your new home must have, things that would be nice and things that you don’t want.

Make sure you find out what your budget is before house hunting. Once you have a budget you know which homes to start looking at.

  • Bigger isn’t always better.

Growing up we all dream of having a large home with an enormous garden. In reality do you really want to keep up with all of that house work and slaving away every weekend in a jungle?

Make sure your new home is the right size for you and your family.

  • The do it upper.

Lots of homes are run down and need a lot of TLC. Look into these homes and the prices you may spend doing them up, it could turn out to be your perfect home and the perfect investment.

  • Location is important.

Location is key, do you really know the area? We always suggest driving around and checking out the area before committing to your new home.

Find out what the local schools are like. Even if you don’t have children you may want to think about the school district you live in for resale.

  • Neighbors.

Stalk your neighbors at all times, what are they like? You could even knock on their door for a chat.

  • Family.

When you walk into the home, can you picture your family living there? Does it have a good feeling? You could even take the family for a viewing.

  • Leave room to grow.

Make sure your ‘perfect home’ has extra storage and gives you room to grow.

  • Be Flexible.

The perfect home may not be 100% what you was expecting but be open to suggestions. If your expectations are too high there may not be the ‘perfect home’

Go in with an open vision for change to make the home your own, it could be perfect in time.



Happy house hunting for the perfect home, let us know of your top tips for a perfect home?


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