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3 Top Tips For Packing

3 Top Tips For Packing

Moving day is such an exciting time for the whole family. This is made even better when the move goes smoothly and according to plan . To help the move go smoothly, here are our 3 top tips for packing up your belongings.

Pack Up As Early As You Can

Organisation is key here. Moving house, for some, can be a stressful experience. With a great removals team this will ease the stress for you, knowing that you are in good hands. However, by keeping yourself organised and packing the things that you can, as early as you can, it will ensure that you are feeling ‘on top of your game’

Stock Up On Packing Materials

Make sure that you have organised plenty of packing materials ahead of your move. We are able to supply you with these if you wish. A good range of boxes and different sizes will help you to pack your items in an organised manner. Don’t forget, you will need a strong packing tape to make sure your boxes are safe and well sealed once they have been filled with your belongings. You will more than likely be packing heavy items in some of your boxes, so a strong packing tape is essential.

Label Your Boxes

Write clearly on the box what the contents inside are with a marker pen. When moving your belongings they are often stacked box on top of box so write on the sides of the boxes as this will make it easier to see whats inside them when they are stacked upon one and other.

You may also wish to write the room that the contents belong in. This will make it easier for both yourself and the removal team when it comes to unpacking in your contents in your new home.

So that’s it, our 3 top packing tips to help you ahead of your move.

Happy Packing!


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